A quality staging job transforms an occupied house from mediocre to the cream of the crop, and elevates a vacant home from an empty and unappealing space to a warm and welcoming home. 

Staged homes attract more potential home buyers


​In today's market, as many as 85% of  homebuyers decide whether or not they will even physically view your home by  first perusing online listings and flyer photos.  Staging showcases your home to its best advantage so that photos depict an appealing home that buyers will find difficult to resist. 


Realtors love showing and listing staged homes

When a home has been beautifully and properly staged, selling agents are more likely to feel confident in supporting a higher list price.  They know that a staged house is likely to spend far fewer days on the market, making their jobs far easier.  Agents are proud to show the house, and it is easier for them to get other agents to bring potential buyers to see your property when they know it will show in a way that captivates.  In fact, a full 91% of real estate agents recommend professional home staging. 

Buyers can more easily see the value in what they are buying


Studies show that only 10% of potential buyers are able to see past the distractions of an unstaged home to appreciate the true potential of the property.  Research indicates that most buyers spend a mere three to six minutes touring your home.  This presents a very small window of opportunity to entice the buyer. Effective staging ensures that every inch of your property is showcased to its full potential, inspiring the buyer to imagine themselves making a life there and calling it home. 

Your home will spend far fewer days on the market

In today's competitive market, staging has become a necessity for sellers who want to have an edge on the competition.  The first five to ten days that the home is on the market see more traffic than any other period.  First impressions are paramount in taking advandage of this time.  The  longer the property is on the market, the more likely it is to be marked down.  The cost of staging is far less than the money you will sacrifice with the first price reduction and with each additional mortgage payment you are forced to make. 

Your return on investment is enormously worthwhile

A HomeGain survey of 2,000 real estate agents found that home staging provides a 340% return on your investment.  It is estimated that homeowners should expect to invest ​1%-2% of the list price of their property.  The good news is that staged homes sell for an average of 17% more than comparable un-staged homes, and over 6% above  their own list price, making home staging well worth the investment! 

Why Should You Stage Your Home? 

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