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What Clients Are Saying...

"Victoria's attention to detail, perception of the customer's decorative persona & taste of style & refinement are second to none in her skills for Home Decorating & Staging. I recently had to sell my home, (as a short sale), and Ms. Hayden was able to help me clear the clutter, make good use of some of my existing decorative pieces, (saved $) and chose crisp pleasant paint & accent colors for each the main rooms in the house. The home was finished in a timely manner & sold shortly after. I was very pleased with the results." 
-Ray Hill------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"The Refined Home resides at the intersection of modern sophistication and classic style. Victoria has a unique gift when it comes to listening to your needs in order to take your vision and replicate it without flaw. Don't have a vision? No problem! She can assess your space and create a "refined" haven especially for you. What's best? She can work wonders with any budget!"
-J'leen Saeger--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Victoria at Refined Home is fabulous. Not only is she creative but, she is extremely passionate about her work. She takes pride in making a house into a home... I have several pieces in my home and I just adore them. They add a unique touch that I couldn't find anywhere else! Many kudos!!"

-Alexis Alvino-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


"I have used Victoria on several occasions in the past 6 years, and have been blown away each time. This lady is well-studied in art history, influences of styles, and is a practitioner of technique, but most importantly creates results with longevity in mind, with the least expense."

-Donya Inman------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


"It's absolutely amazing to see Victoria's mind in motion when she's creating these pieces.  Not only are they affordable and elegant, but she takes her time to listen to her customer to incorporate what they would like.  From weddings to banquets to staging homes, I've seen her do it all... Her designs, her eye, and her opinion are all one of a kind, and well worth it."

- CJ Jackson-Gonzalez----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


"I love watching Victoria in action.  Not only does she know how to pull style elements together, but she knows how to do it on a budget! She has a natural sense of style, but will aways listen and improve on your own vision.  She loves what she does--and it shows! I would have zero reservations about recommending her to anyone looking to up the style in their home, or even just to get organized! She makes even organization beautiful."

-Fawn Brown Fernandes----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


"An expert in organization and cutting-edge trends, Victoria designs classy, creative solutions for a multitude of home decor needs.  She has a fun, yet sophisticated way of decorating that brings life to a room, and her holiday embellishments will have you marveling at her artistic vision. Victoria's eye for intricate detail and her talent for innovation will leave your home looking fabulous and your space refined!"

-Kim Barrow Greenberg------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


"My wife and I asked Victoria to please help us turn our house into a home we would love.  She did just that, and we can't speak highly enough of the work she did.  Victoria truly has a gift and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home interior sylist."

Luis Carriles---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


"A wonderfully creative sense of style with an ability to see beyond what's there, Victoria has been our "go to" for several years, be it for color changes, furniture rearranging, or decorative accents. My wife and I highly recommend The Refined Home."

-Micheal Tittle Marinelli-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


"Victoria's ideas and creations are just amazing! Her unique arrangements are beautiful! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to change are particular area of your'll be worthwhile!"

-Lillie Rios-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


"Victoria has a sense of style to be admired.  Her creative touches are just the right amount of traditional with a dash of outside the box thinking.  Her work ethic is impeccable.  I would highly recommend Victoria!"

Kristi Mallory-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


"Oh I love Victoria at The Refined Home. She's awesome!"

-Saundra Garcia---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


"Victoria has the most professional and extreme customer service.  She goes above and beyond with her work..."

-T. Gomez-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


"I was so excited to hear Victoria was starting her her home redesign business! Thoroughly enjoyed our time together making plans on how to make improvements to my living areas."

-Carrie Cox Pitcher-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


'Everyone knows style when they see it...however sometimes we just don't know how to achieve it on our own.  That is where Victoria comes in. You know what you want and like...she will help you get there."

-Vicki Zanes---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


"Victoria's work is sensational! She has a serious talent to make things beautiful.  I love her unique sense of style and not many people can do what she can.  Highly recommended!'

-Leslie Mondragon-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


"Victoria at The Refined Home is an absolute gem in the area of homemade crafting and tasteful decoration.  Her professionalism and eye for beauty and art is priceless, and her creations are classy, creative, innovative, and yes: refined! She created both my wedding bouquet (beautiful, to say the least) and a beautiful wedding memoir frame (a work of art, indeed) for us in 2011, both of which have never failed to receive compliments.  I highly recommend Victoria and The Refined Home!"

Verenize Shaver---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


The Refined Home has rescued my home and I am so happy with the results!  My husband & I have a small collection of antiques for our formal areas. This past summer we downsized to a 2100 Sq foot home. The difficulties and problems we were experiencing with furniture placement were solved in just one afternoon and one consultation with Ms. Victoria Hayden. Sh even designed table scapes to compliment our antique pieces.. As a matter of fact, I will definitely be scheduling a follow-up consultation with Ms Hayden to tackle my husband's office. 

Betty Gonzalez----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------




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