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The Refined Home, LLC is a Home Staging and Decorating company based in San Antonio, Tx.   Our philosophy is that good style should be accessible to everyone, whatever the size of their budget or space. We specialize in making the most of the assets in your home, while minimizing or correcting aesthetic obstacles with innovative solutions.  


If  you are ready to sell, we can help you prepare and polish your home before you list.  We will enable you to offer the most widely appealing product possible by creatively reusing and restyling your own furnishings in new and beautiful ways.  Your home will sell quickly, and for top dollar, because it will outshine all the competition around it!


If you have purchased a new house, we can help you turn it into a home by offering expert advice on paint, flooring, and finish choices.  We can make moving into your new  home easier with guidance on furniture, art, and accessory placement, ensuring that each space has the kind of style and function that make everyday life a pleasure. 


If  you have never been able to achieve the right balance of beauty, function, and comfort that would make your current house truly  feel like home, we can help you discover and refine your style. We will offer decor guidance to reinforce the style you want to achieve, organization solutions to suit your lifestyle, and the opportunity to fall in love with your home all over again! 





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home staging san antonio home decorating san antonio
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